Sleek Make UP- i-Divine Original Palette -Review

Highly Pigmented Mineral Based Eye Shadow Palette-Shimmer n Matte Shades

Sleek i-Divine Original

Product Packaging Claims:
Create Stunning Eye Make Up with 12 shades of super pigmented eye shadow.  i-Divine palettes are suitable for all skin tones adding a touch of stylish sophistication to take you from day to night.
Each palette includes a dark color, ideal for definition or perfecting that classy smokey effect.

The Colors

Lemme walk you guys, through the Name of the colors in the palette. Okay, starting from the Left transcending towards the Right, Alright. Here goes,
First Row from Left: Black Cab, Royal, London Rain, The Thames, E10, Hyde Park
Second Row from Left: Cream Tea, London eye, Big Ben, Penny Earthing, Sterling, Banksy.



Let’s Swatch n Review the shades, shall we? 😉
(L-R): Black Cab: A Matte Black, perfect for creating a winged smokey effect, for that intense smokiness, adds a bold definition to the eyes.
Royal: Feeling like Royalty, eh? Royal’s a intense Violetta inspired regal color, adds oomph n helps create sultry eyes.
London Rain: A dark mossy kinda Blue, when one doesn’t feel like doing a bang on black smoky eye, London Rain comes to the rescue, perfect n next best alternative a Black Smokey eye.
The Thames: True London Spirit going on here… 😉 Moving on, A pearly turquoise color, for days when one feels like playing around with make up. When I think of this color, I feel a Mermaid Smokey eye would do this color, justice…am i right or am i right…? 😉 Ahh well…
E10: Why this shade does not have a name..? I donno, any whoo, this is a bluish green, which I think when paired with The Thames looks stunning, adds to the Mermaid eyes look, beautifully. Okay, M gonna post a Mermaid Eyes Look soon enough. Stay Tuned.
Hyde Park: Okay, I remember St. Patricks’ Day, on seeing this. Perfect mossy green, for the St. Patricks’ Day Themed Eye Look, reflects hazel eyes beautifully.


(L-R): Cream Tea: The perfect highlighter shade in the palette, for the inner corners(tear ducts) & on the brow bone. Gorgeous, gorgeous color. Reflects light beautifully & gives a wide eyed fresh look, lifts up any eye look in an instant.
London Eye: If one loves Rose Gold, one would definitely love this color. Beautiful color, perfect for a  Soft Smokey eye for the day, with subtle application( has a lot of shimmers, hence). Actually this shade could be a perfect for a Valentines Day Look, adds warmth to the eyes, for that gorgeous yet subtle romantic vibe.
Big Ben: A lighter version of London Eye, very pretty of course & could easily pass for a pink themed eye.
Penny Earthing: Copper Lovers, kindly pay attention, will ya? 😉 A rustic n shimmery copper shade, apt for a party look. Intense, dark ‘n ohh-so-ahmazing.
Sterling: Blackish Gold with finely milled shimmers, for a dark gold eye. Best to be worn with a Eye primer underneath. Talking of Primers, My Favs are Too Faced Shadow Insurance in Lemon Drop, & MAC Paint pot Layin’Low.. Read more about it here: MAC Paint Pot Layin’Low
Okay, this is a gold with cooler undertones, gorgeous color obviously, unlike Sterling which has warmer undertones; now this is a universal color, can be pulled off by various skin tones, & flattering as well.

My Take on the Palette:

A beautiful palette, with a blend of shimmer n matte eye shadows(Black Cab is matte, all else shimmery). The theme n colors of the palette, gravitates towards more of a party kinda looks, but who doesn’t wanna have fun..?? 😉
Now, staying power might be an issue, without a primer or any eye shadow base, but with, rocks a minimum of 5+ hours.
Crazily Pigmented, little goes a long way, i might say; So, take time n build the intensity to the desired level, instead of applying a lot in a go.
Have fun playin; with make up.

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