Valentines Heart Cutesy Manicure-Photo Tutorial

A pretty & cute Manicure, to perk up Valentine’s Day


Valentine Series Manicure-1

Love is in the air, as Valentines Day is round the corner…Its that time of the season where we celebrate Love, (though it is cherished all the time, this is a time to rejoice it). “Love is something that one doesn’t find, it is Love which finds you..”-Loretta Young.
Love is the most universal form of feeling…it is not only loving others around oneself, but also loving oneself too.
So, pampering oneself is also a part of Loving Thyself. And what better could it be than a  stunning Manicure dedicated to the Day of Love. I came up with this pretty Nail Art (as I like to call it). This is more of a Photo tutorial, so to know how I created this Look, keeping on reading.

Products required


Products Used

  1. Nail Lacquers in the Shades
    (a) Clear,
    (b) Silver,
    (c) Pink Glitter,
    (d) Fuchsia
  2. A dotting Tool
  3. A CD/DVD

Where to start..


Start with a clean set of Nails with a coat of Clear Nail Color as Base. Oh, and don’t forget to file your nails. Push your cuticles back, (if required).
Let the Base coat dry for like 3-4 minutes, then paint all your nails Silver except for the ring finger. Paint the Ring Finger with a Pink Glitter Nail Color, let it dry, repeat a second coat, & the Ring Finger is done..!!


Hearty Art 😉

Now grab hold of the DVD & the dotting tool…put a dab of the Fuchsia Nail Color on the DVD, grab the dotting tool, & scribble, right & left slanting (45Degree inclination) Lines, with their ends integrating as one. Voila, the cutesy hearts are done!!!….Practice a few times on the DVD if you like( I did too) 😉 , then following the same technique draw them on your nails. Let Dry, & seal design with a heavy duty Top Coat.
If you followed all the steps correct, then you should have created a beautiful Manicure, as below:



Tadaa…It’s Done..!!

And there you go, A cute & pretty Manicure for the Valentines Day. This gorgeous nail art will not only perk up one’s nails, but also, imbibe in the romantic mushy vibes of the Day  of Love.

More of Nail Art n Make Up Looks coming up with Valentines Theme. Keep watching this space for more. Hope you guys are liking the posts. Thank You for all the Love..

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Love All ❤ xoxo ❤


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