Valentines Nail Art-Romantic ‘n Cute

Happy Chocolate Day in Advance-New Nail Arts for Valentines-Enjoy

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So, wishing everyone a very Happy Chocolate Day in advance. Heartfelt apologies for delay in my blogs, I was super busy last week. But, now that I have a break, I shall try to post almost regularly this week. So, keep reading, loadzza ah-mazin stuff coming your way 😉
Today, I have photo tutorials for two new Valentines Themed Manicure. Hope you enjoy…
Without further adieu…Letz get started….shall we, Hunzzz?? ❤ 🙂

Romantic Turquoise ‘n Pink V-Day Mani:

Steps to achieve this Look:
Products Required:

Products Used
  1. Hot Pink Nail Lacquer (Any Brand of your choice)
  2. Turquoise  Nail Lacquer (Any Brand of your choice)
  3. Clear Nail Lacquer (Any Brand of your choice)
  4. Nail Stripping Rolls (Preferably Silver in Color)

1. Paint all your fingers in Turquoise Lacquer except for the ring finger.2. Paint the ring finger with Hot Pink Lacquer, put in a coat of clear polish, spread some pink glitter on top, & the ring finger is done.
3. For the rest let the paint set a bit, then carefully, stripe rolls on each nail close to the nails’ smile line. Give time to dry, & seal in with a good top coat, matte/regular of your choice. Tadaa….Simple yet elegant…!!! Loved how it turned out… ❤


N*de n Black Striped ‘n Heart Valentines Nail Art:

Steps to create this:
Products required:

Products Used
  1. N*de Nail Lacquer (Any Brand of your choice)
  2. Black Nail Lacquer (Any Brand of your choice)
  3. Clear Polish (Any Brand of your choice)
  4. Nail Stripping Rolls (Any color)
  5. Red Nail Lacquer (Any Brand of your Choice-Forgot to photograph though)
  6. Black Stripping Nail Art Polish (Forgot Image, Apologies 😦 )

1. Paint all fingers N*de except for Thumb n Ring Finger.2. Paint the Thumb n Ring Finger Black, Put one crystals each, for both towards the base of the nails, seal in with a regular top coat. Done..!!
3. Now Place Horizontal Stripes from the Striping Roll at equal distance from each other, on the Index n the Pinkie, & paint the nail black. Wait for it to set just a bit. N we’ll come back to them later.
4. For the middle finger Draw Cute Little Hearts (3 of them). For more info on how to draw Hearts… Click Here 
5. Now for the Index n the Pinkie, With a pair of Tweezers, carefully pull the Stripes away from the Nail, & you have beautiful striped nails..!!
6. Seal in all the nails with a durable top coat to avoid chipping 🙂

Upon completion of all above mentioned steps, You are gonna Loveee this….Well I Did…I’m sure, you guys will too…!!! ❤


Hope you guys are liking the nail tutorials, I Love making them for you guys…Thanks for all the Love Once Again…
Happy Chocolate Day… ❤ ❤ ❤

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Love Love ❤ xoxo ❤

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