Benefit’s High Beam Illuminator Review

An Ethereal Glow-Benefit’s High Beam Highlighter


High beam is the ultimate go-to product for Strobing. Dot and blend high beam where light would naturally hit your face (the cheekbones, brow bones, down your nose, and on your cupid’s bow) for a beautiful, glowing complexion.
It is a subtle highlighter, with finely milled shimmer particles, which catches light & provides a highlighted effect, without making one look like a disco ball.. 😉

It can be applied anywhere on the skin, for a soft glow, or spot definition. One can also mix a couple drops with moisturizer or foundation for a dewy, radiant sheen.



Let’s see how it looks on my Bare Natural NC40 Skin (as Above). I use it more as a allover soft sheen, with my Liquid Foundations. Seen here above is a sample of my Mac NC 40 Skin, Bare, without any product on. Now Let’s see few images of the product as Spot Application & All over Sheen.

While using it as a spot highlighter, I like to use the Spot’n Dab technique, wherein, I apply 4-5 dots of the product, on the highest points of my facial features, and blend quickly.
Now, a very important, Word of Advice, This product dries as fast as Light Years…So, one has to be very careful while blending. Apply & Blend asap, else it will turn streaky, & less attractive.

Let us now see the technique of Mix n Fix (that’s how I like to call it), While application of face bases, take a few dots of the product with the foundation/moisturizer, blend well, now apply the product all over for a subtle sheen, which gives a gorgeous ‘Glow from Inside’ vibe to it.
Talking of Sheen, another of my fav products for the purpose is MAC Strobe Cream…Read More

And since it’s the season of Love, a little more ‘Glow from within’…won’t hurt…will it..Eh, gals? 😉 ❤ ❤

Hope you guys are liking, the revs. Planning to come up with more such in the near future. Keep reading. Thank You for all the Love.

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