M.A.C Lipstick Collection

M.A.C Lipsticks- one of the most coveted makeup products adored by makeup artists around the world


 Every girl has to have atleast one MAC Lipstick in their vanity. After all they are of topnotch quality, gorgeous & to die for. As going with the flow, I am too obsessed with MAC Lipsticks

Overtime, I too have collected a good few MAC Lipsticks. MAC has Lipsticks of various finishes. It includes Retro Matte, Matte, Amplified, Cremesheen, Glaze, Satin, Lustre, Mineralize. These according to their names, has varied textures and finishes. Retro Mattes are ones with Ultra Matte finish; these can be a little hard to apply because of the texture but once applied are immensely longwear and gorgeous. And as with any retro-matte lipsticks/ Liquid Lipsticks, lips need to be well-exfoliated and moisturized in advance for smoother application and longevity.   Mattes are comfortable to carry as in comparison to Retro mattes. MAC has reformulated their matte lipsticks, and the texture now, is more comfy on the lips and goes opaque in one swipe. Amplifieds are comparatively more moisturizing and as the name suggests the pigmentation is magnanimously amplified. Cremesheen, Glaze, Satin, Lustre, Mineralize are the most moisturizing lipsticks, beautifully glides on the lips, but does not go opaque in one swipe..however good for daily wear of course.

So, let us traverse through, my treasured MAC Lippy Collection, which is however small but is all mine. My collection comprises of Retro Mattes, Mattes, & Amplified only, texture-wise. And color scheme-wise Reds, Pinks & Nudes.

1. Lady Danger

Lady Danger
is a gorgeous red with heavy tangerine undertones, it is such a beautiful muted reddish orange, brightens up face instantly, and works across multiple skin tones, here’s a swatch of Lady Danger on me..


2. Flat Out Fabulous
Flat Out Fabulous is a straight up purple with mauve-ish undertone, its in Retro Matte Formulation, and goes opaque in one swipe, it is a quirky shade, but if one can pull it off, its simply gorg!!! ❤ And here’s the swatch..


3. Russian Red


Russian Red is a blue-based red, very flattering on the Indian Skin tones…it is beautiful on versatile complexions and is totally a gorgeous uplifting Red.
And here is the swatch..


4. Viva Glam Miley Cyrus

Viva Glam Miley Cyrus is an amplified finish, beautiful fuchsia with intensely opaque and pigmented payoff. Perfect for parties, and even day-out with girlies.
Here comes the swatch..


5. All Fired Up

All Fired Up is a retro matte finish-wise, color scheme wise a gorgeous raspberry pink, which could almost pass off for a red, a unique one ofcourse. This shade is also for those, who are too intimidated with a bold red, but still wanna be edgy.
And follows the swatch..


6. Ruby Woo

And here comes perhaps, the most coveted Lipstick from MAC worldwide forever. Ruby Woo the lipstick which is so unique that it suits almost ALL skin tones across the globe. It is simply the one, which every girl absolutely require to have, if they love Red, that is ofcourse. So, the Swatch..


7. Mehr


Mehr named after Celebrity Makeup Artist Mickey Contractor’s Wife Mehr, created by him ofcourse; the most beautiful nude for Indian Skin tones with pink undertones, ‘coz usually nude lippers with beige undertones tend to wash the Indian Complexions out. But this is just a heaven-sent blessing…perfect for work-wear, and can be paired with smokey eyes too.
Take a look at the swatch..


8. Diva
A gorgeous red-based Burgundy, beautiful n smoldering…perfect for night outs. A rich deep mahogany hue…truly gorgeous..a must have. ❤
Take a look at the swatch..


9. Velvet Teddy
Velvet Teddy, as cute as the name sounds..this lipper is a warm toned beige-ish nude. Usually beige undertones can be washing, however this one also has warm undertones which looks absolutely beautiful.
And here’s the swatch..


Hope you guys liked my MAC Lipstick Collection…Another post will be coming up soon on The MAC Retro Matte Liquid Lipsticks…Keep watching this space for more…

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Quote of the Day: To look beautiful, one must feel beautiful.. ❤ xoxo ❤



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