Tartelette in Bloom Palette-Review

A best-selling, cult-favorite eye shadow palette with 12 long wearing, warm-toned, brightening matte & micro shimmer shades


A Stunning palette by Tarte Cosmetics, comprising of twelve beautiful neutral hued matte & shimmer shades. Perfect for creating looks ranging from everyday natural, or glam. The best part about Tarte eye shadows are that, they smell like Vanilla, are made out of natural ingredients like the Amazonian Clay; totally safe for the skin. The shadows are blendable, pigmented, with very less kickback. Let’s go through the shades:

There are twelve shades, arranged into rows of four. Each row includes shades of matte & micro-shimmer. the best part is that they have names allotted to them, so they can be recognized easily.

First Row : (R-L) :
A. Charmer:
A matte, almost off-white shade; best for highlighting the browbone, inner corners paired with a shimmery eye-look.
B. Jetsetter: A perfect crease shade with beige-ish undertones, best used as a foundation layer for the other crease shades to be laid on.
C. Rocker: A cool toned bronze-y shimmer shade, perfect for creating the on-trend halo eyed look. Finely milled shimmers, gorgeous pigmentation.
D. Smokeshow: A Dark greyish shade for smoking out the outer corners, for the extreme blown-out smokey eye. Usually best for glamorous party looks.

Second Row: (R-L):
A. Flower Child:
An off-white-ish beige, best used as a base for any eye shadow to be blended upon, for a smoother transition and better blending of the deeper shades.

B. Smarty Pants: A beige-ish tan, for a more defined crease, and gradual blending of the other colors to be put on the crease.
C. Firecracker: A beautiful coppery bronze, perfect color for a bronze-y smokey eye. Its got slight tangerine undertones, extremely minimal though…which gives it that fiery orange-y tint, gorgeously complimenting Asian Skin tones.
D. Activist: A Deep dark blue based burgundy, can be used as a liner…for the lower lash line, smudged to perfection for a grungy look.

Third Row: (R-L):
A. Funny Girl: Beautiful & gorgeous pale gold, perfect for parties, weddings..any other occasion which calls for glitz n gold.
B. Sweetheart: A beige with strong pink / blush undertones to add that rosy hint of saturation to the eyes, for a soft halo.
C. Rebel: A warm terracotta tan color with reddish & warm undertones, beautiful as a crease color, or an all-over-the-lid shade all by itself.
D. Leader: Straight-up extreme reddish burgundy, beautiful on its own, for an Instagram-Baddie inspired Look.

All Over it is a beautiful palette, with some gorgeously pigmented eye shadows for versatile looks, be it glam or natural. And which intrigues me the most, is that they are made of Amazonian Clay, which enforces the theme #rethinknatural
The Tartelette in Bloom Palette is available on Tarte.com , they ship worldwide.

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